ResourcePath pathology services for scientists can help you accelerate the delivery of your new drug or new diagnostic test to  patients.  When your research involves translating your basic science discovery to improving  the care of patients, having a pathologist on your team can be invaluable.  As you are developing a new drug, pathologists can help you identify prognostic and/or predictive tissue biomarkers.  If you know your new treatment works best on a subset of patients with disease, pathologists can help you design your best companion diagnostic test.  When you need to verify the effects of your drug on diseased tissue, pathologists can help you analyze and measure the tissue changes.  At ResourcePath we also have experience coordinating pathology support for clinical trials. 

Professional Consultation Services

  • Research grant development and writing
  • Slide review
  • Pathology diagnostic interpretation
  • Tissue biomarker development
  • cfDNA biomarker development
  • Clinical trial support

Core Lab Technical Services