Testing for our community

We know that testing is an important tool for physicians and individuals to help make decisions about treatment and care. Our lab has provided COVID-19 testing for students, teachers, families and staff  for the safe return to school since the spring of 2021. We now offer a more comprehensive test that will also detect influenza A and B, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in addition to COVID-19. When the waits in the emergency room and the doctor’s office are long, you can count on us to get you an answer quickly to help guide which treatment and care you should seek.  

One Swab, Three tests 

If you need a test to rule out active infection for symptoms, exposures or need back to school clearance please make an appointment for our FLU/COVID-19/RSV PCR test using our booking links below.  When booking a time for your appointment you will receive an intake form for collecting the information we need to generate your comprehensive report.  If you can please complete this online form ahead of time it will make your sample collection visit faster and smoother.  If you don’t have access to a smart form or computer or have special needs, our staff will be more than happy to help you on site.

Note: You do not need to be a part of APS (student, family member, or staff) to get a COVID-19 test at the Kenmore MS location. 

The service at Kenmore Middle School operates from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. each weekday M-F and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Hours are subject to change so please check the appointment availability below in the calendar appointment app.   

ResourcePath offers PCR testing for symptoms, exposures and back to school clearance following a COVID-19 infection. 

  1. We will use the most sensitive PCR test.
  2. We will use the “mid-nasal” swab procedure Mid-Nasal Swab Procedure. We will only need to collect one swab from you at each appointment. All three viruses (flu, COVID-19 and RSV) can be detected from one swab. 
  3. We will issue formal reports with interpretation that can be used as needed for additional medical care or back to school clearance.
  4. The PCR results are TYPICALLY available in 24 HRS. During periods of high demand and high prevalence of illness in the community, it can take up to 72 hours to receive a result.  We prioritize notifying individuals who have a positive test result.  If it has been 48 hours and you don’t have a report in your inbox, check your spam and junk folders. Please call us at 571-375-0755 or email info@resourcepath.net if you do not see your report after 48 hours.  
  5. We ask that you make an appointment so that our Team can prepare for your test ahead of time and also to minimize your waiting time at the site.
  6.    If you have any special needs or do not have access to computer or smart phone, please call us at 571-375-0755 and we will assist you with filling out the required forms. 
  7. If you are uninsured we offer reduced cost Rapid Antigen and RT-PCR combo tests (COVID-19, Flu, and RSV). Rapid Antigen Tests are fast, and we will have your results sent off within one hour.
  8. Our Medical Director is available for any questions, concerns or questions about next steps.  

We always welcome your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions or concerns: info@resourcepath.net. 

Kenmore Middle School Testing Site

Google Map to Kenmore Middle School (Click Image for Google Map Directions)

Google map Kenmore

Kenmore Middle School Test Site

200 S Carlin Springs Rd Trailer #503, Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington Transit Bus Stop Carlin Springs Rd & S 1st St
Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.;

 Sat 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Test types offered for Symptoms and Exposures:

-RT-PCR for Flu/COVID-19/RSV with results in about 24 hours

-Rapid Antigen Tests with results in one hour

Traveling? Inquire about our Travel Service with Rapid RT-PCR testing for COVID-19


Goals of the APS Testing Program

Keep everyone healthy and in school

Prevent outbreaks that would lead to interrupted learning

Provide easy to access testing for students, staff and families


What kind of test is used?

The Virginia Department of Health has provided the Abbott BINAX-Now rapid antigen cards free of charge.  This test uses a self-administered nasal swab under the guidance of ResourcePath staff.  Results are available in about 15 minutes.  An instruction video is available on YouTube.  The FDA-EUA information about this test can be accessed here.

My child is vaccinated. Why does he/she need to test?

Another great question!  The testing plan changed when our laboratory began to see very high viral loads in vaccinated individuals infected with the delta variant as well as outbreaks among vaccinated individuals in the Northern Virginia area.  Unlike with previous strains, the delta variant produces a lot of virus in both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.  We think that vaccinated individuals can be as contagious as unvaccinated individuals when infected by this variant.  Because of above reasons, vaccinated individuals should not opt out of testing as they can be the source for a team outbreak.

5 things to know about the delta variant

Do you bill insurance for surveillance testing?

Weekly surveillance testing will not be charged to insurance. Insurance information is collected at the time of the consenting process to make it easy to later access PCR testing at anytime if one becomes symptomatic or exposed or has a positive rapid test on weekly surveillance testing.  Families will never incur out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 testing. 

What happens with a positive test? How do we know it isn't a false positive?

There is a small rate of false positives with the rapid antigen test which can be minimized by proper handling and reading the result within the recommended time window.  Trained ResourcePath staff will be responsible for all result interpretation and students/coaches will be notified immediately if a test is positive or if a test needs to be repeated for any reason.

All positive rapid antigen tests will be confirmed by RT-PCR.  If a student tests positive on rapid antigen on the day of a game, ResourcePath will use its FDA approved rapid RT-PCR test to confirm to minimize the risk of a student obtaining a false positive diagnosis.

What is the benefit of getting vaccinated if delta variant can still infect me?

There are many very good reasons to get vaccinated.  The vaccinations are effective at limiting morbidity and mortality.  Some people have the misconception that younger people handle the virus fine and we should just let them get it for “herd immunity”  similar to the way we used to think about chicken pox.  While acute symptoms are typically mild in young people, as a pediatric pathologist I have seen COVID-19 related myocarditis and autoimmune syndrome and stroke in young people.  In addition, there is this syndrome called “long-COVID” where symptoms like fatigue, difficulty thinking and planning can last for months. No one knows a good treatment for this. The best plan is prevention.

Even though the delta variant can infect vaccinated individuals, the severity of the infection appears to be reduced and the contagion period is shorter.  It is likely that vaccinated individuals have a much lower risk of health complications from COVID.

Development of mRNA vaccine:

General information on COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy:

Long-term Safety of COVID-19 Vaccine

Common questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine

How are students selected for weekly testing?

Our goal is to provide at least once a week tests to every student and staff member who wants to or is required to be tested.  

Who performs the testing on the students?

ResourcePath has hired experienced nurses, technologists and medical assistants to perform, observe and interpret the BINAX Now rapid antigen testing.  For students old enough to perform the testing on themselves, our team will provide the swab to the student, observe the procedure, retrieve the swab and then perform the rapid test.  For younger students who may not be comfortable with swabbing themselves, our trained staff will perform the swab for he/she/them. 

All rapid tests will be interpreted in the 15-30 minute time period as recommended.  Any positive tests are treated as urgent and parents are notified by phone as soon as the test results are ready. 

Are elementary students too young to participate?

The pilot summer school program at Barcroft Elementary showed 40 of 100 summer school students participated in twice weekly testing for one month.  They did great!

What day will the testing team be at my child's school?

The testing days and times will be available on or slightly before September 13th.  Testing will occur during lunch and recess periods.  

What do you do with the samples and information collected?

We are experienced physicians and technologists. We are a small locally owned and operated company with CLIA licensed and CAP accreditation.  Several of our team members have children in the local public school districts we are serving. Our sole mission with COVID testing is to do the best job humanly possible to:

  • Provide accurate and timely results
  • Provide post-test education and guidance in support of our public health colleagues
  • Provide education and guidance for incorporating testing into a COVID mitigation plan
  • Do our part to help keep our kids and teachers safe and end this pandemic

We are committed to protecting everyone’s private health information and we follow HIPAA guidelines.  Note with signing the consent for testing you are giving us permission to alert the appropriate school personnel needed to inform contact tracing.  

We do not store or research any human DNA that may be on the swab.  All the material is used for RNA extraction of virus.  Even though this is a “genetic” test, we are looking at the virus genes not human genes. 

We would never sell your information.  The information we collect is only for making an accurate and timely diagnosis.  We collect insurance information (or Social Security number if uninsured) so that if you need a PCR test throughout the course of the year for exposure or symptoms, we can bill insurance (or HRSA program if uninsured).  Surveillance testing with rapid antigen tests will not be billed to insurance.