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If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have an exposure to someone with COVID-19, the CARES Act requires Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance to cover the full cost of testing without copays or deductibles. If you are uninsured, you can still get tested with no out of pocket costs, and ResourcePath will bill the government HRSA program for reimbursement. You will not receive a balance bill from ResourcePath.

Do you have symptoms of COVID-19?

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is associated with a long list of symptoms; some of these symptoms like cough, sore throat and nasal congestion are similar to more familiar infections like strep throat, sinus infections or the common cold; other symptoms including headache, low grade fever, body aches and fatigue resemble influenza and typically occur 7-10 days from the initial exposure to an infected person.  These symptoms are related to the immune system’s response to fight the virus. The type of symptoms, their severity and duration are highly variable from person to person.

If you are currently symptomatic and your symptoms are caused by COVID-19, your RT-PCR test should be positive.  The exception to this rule is if your symptoms have lasted more than one week.  We know that symptoms may persist beyond the period of active viral infection. In these cases, if your RT-PCR test is negative, you may wish to do a test to look for SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies.

Have you been exposed to COVID-19?

In the first few days after exposure to an infected individual, the virus may be undetectable by even the most sensitive of RT-PCR tests. This period of time is called the “incubation period.” During the incubation period, you are infected, but the virus hasn’t proliferated enough to be detectable. If you test too soon after exposure, you might get a false negative result.  Our Medical Director will let you know if you have tested too early and ask you to come back and re-test.

 The length of the incubation period may vary based on a number of factors including how much virus you were exposed to, the strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus involved and your own immune system.

ResourcePath recommends booking your appointment on day 5 after exposure . 

Sample collection using mid-nasal swabs

For the best sensitivity we are recommending the mid-nasal (mid-turbinate) swab test. This is different from the nasopharyngeal swab test you might have heard about and  which most people find uncomfortable.  With a few tips from our on-site team, the test is easy to perform on oneself and is painless. Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment but for your protection and ours, we will be observing distance guidelines.

The swab is soft-tipped and will be placed approximately one inch into the left nostril. Once in place, you will feel a tickling sensation and your eyes may water. Once there, the swab should be gently rotated for 15 seconds and then withdrawn. The process is repeated with the same swab in the right nostril. Once the swabbing is complete, the swab tip is placed into the accompanying tube of special liquid which inactivates the virus and preserves the virus nucleic acid.

Watch our Medical Director’s video demonstration here

Questions about sample collection?

Please avoid using any nasal medication or sinonasal washing for 24 hours before the test as this may reduce sensitivity 

We suggest doing a saliva sample.  Email us at for additional instructions. 

Don’t worry. Children and infants do very well with the mid-nasal swab procedure. Please email and let us know if you will need additional assistance from the Medical Director.   

Please email and let us known that you will need additional assistance.

On the day of your appointment

Please arrive at the lab at your scheduled time. We will do our best to help you if you arrive early or late. Our cutoff time for appointments is 12 noon.

We are located at: 45945 Trefoil Ln, Suite 175, Sterling, Virginia 20166; located in the Willow Oaks warehouse/office park. When you enter the office park from Trefoil Lane please pull around to the left side of the building. We are about 1 mile from Dulles Airport.

Please remain in your car and wear a mask. If you need a mask we can provide you with one. A member of our team will be outside in front of our office and will hand you an envelope with your test kit and your intake form. Please review your intake form for accuracy.

You will be asked to drive to the parking lot in the back of the building, and find a space to park for 5-10 minutes while you collect your sample.

Follow the instructions provided for collecting your nasal swab sample. Please be sure your sample is labeled. We can not test tubes that are not labeled. Place the sample in the biohazard bag and place the bag inside the envelope along with your intake form.

Drive around to the front of the lab again and hand your envelope to one of our staff members outside.  If no one is available, please drop off your envelope in the black drop box outside the door.

Do I need a Doctor's order to take the test?

No you do not need a physician’s order to get a test.  The Commonwealth of Virginia allows individuals to order tests without a physician if they sign a consent form (provided in the intake process).  

How long does it take to get results?

Tests from individuals with symptoms and/or known exposures are run as a priority when we receive them. Individuals who test positive are called as soon as possible after the test results are verified, typically within 24 hours. For all other tests we try to call everyone in the day following the test to relay your result to you verbally. However, results can take up to 48 hours in some cases. If you do not receive a call within 24 hours, you SHOULD NOT assume you are negative. You should quarantine and take precautions until you receive either a call or an email with your result. You will receive a formal report via email 48-96 hours after your appointment. 

What ages do you accept for your RT-PCR tests?

We can accept infants, children and adults for our test.  Our Medical Director can assist with nasal swab tests for infants and children.  The mid-nasal swab procedure we use does not hurt and is very well tolerated if properly done. 

Can I call to get more information?

To provide everyone with personal support, we ask that those seeking testing, review the information on our website, complete the appointment form, and follow the instructions. If questions persist, please call for (571)-375-0755 for assistance.

With the recent uptick in illness in our community, we are focusing efforts on testing and reporting. Please do not call to book appointments over the phone unless you do not have a computer or smart phone. Please use the “Book Now” button to book your appointment.