Information for Physicians

Funding for our current H3K27M study has ended. We are optimizing our assay and will be submitting a grant for additional funding soon. Please check back here for updates. 


*** We are currently not accepting samples for testing, please check back for updates on our testing program******

Indications for H3K27M mutation testing

  • Liquid biopsy confirmation of radiographic diagnosis of diffuse midline glioma, H3K27M variant
  • Tissue biopsy confirmation of H3K27M mutation when immunohistochemistry not definitive
  • Liquid biopsy confirmation of H3K27M mutation for clinical trial eligibility
  • Serial liquid biopsy testing for H3K27M as therapeutic response biomarker in context of clinical trial

ResourcePath ddPCR assays for H3K27M mutations

  • H3F3A c.83A>T; K27M (sometimes expressed as p.K28M) samples being accepted during analytic validation 
  • HIST1H3B c.83A>T; K27M (sometimes expressed as p.K28M) samples being accepted during analytic validation 
  • H3F3A c.103G>T;p.G35W  anticipated late summer 2019
  • H3F3A c.103G>A;p.G35R   anticipated late summer 2019


Sample types accepted for H3F3A and HIST1H3B ddPCR testing and processing requirements

Specimen Type

Collection Container


Minimum Volume

 Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

CSF collection kit

Required at collection. See instructions below

1 mL for ddPCR

2-5 mL for NGS


Purple Top/EDTA Tube

Required at collection. See instructions below

1 mL minimum

 Whole Blood

Streck Cell Free DNA BCT Tube 


Fill tube completely (~ 8 mL)

FFPE biopsy tissue

Paraffin block or scrolls


Two 10-micron scrolls + 1 H&E or digital image of H&E to assess tumor content

  • For each patient, please complete and send back the ResourcePath Molecular Test Requisition
  • All materials must be properly packaged and labeled to indicate the general nature of the materials being transported. The laboratory only accepts specimens considered Class B/non-infectious, and should be shipped using a FedEx Clinical Pak or equivalent.
  • The lab accepts specimens Monday through Friday. For samples collected on a Friday, please place them at the appropriate storage conditions and ship the following Monday using the standard overnight shipping option.

Please ship all specimens to:

Resourcepath, LLC
45945 Trefoil Lane. Suite 175
Sterling, VA 20166, USA

(571) 375-0755

Please send an email to when the specimens have shipped and include the following information:

  • Date shipped
  • Carrier
  • Tracking number
  • Number of specimens