Our staff have extensive experience in designing and validating Ion Ampliseq targeted gene sequencing panels for clinical use.

Targeting Gene Sequencing Panels

Targeted gene sequencing panels for hereditary disease or cancer research are a great tool for assessing mutations.  If you are interrogating from one to 500 genes, and know generally what you are looking for, amplicon-based NGS is superior to exome sequencing in several aspects:

  • improved depth of coverage which can be important in detecting mosaicism or subclonal mutations
  • faster turn-around-time; 48-72 hours
  • less expensive, especially with multiple samples
  • fewer incidental findings to consider
  • easier bioinformatics for mutation analysis

We can help you customize your gene panels whether it is for research or with the ultimate goal of offering clinical test results to your study participants in a CAP/CLIA environment.  

Current CLIA/CAP approved panels


miRNA biogenesis gene panel – Coming soon

      molecular barcoding-aided deep sequencing – Coming soon

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