Sample collection using mid-nasal swabs

For the best sensitivity we are recommending the mid-nasal (mid-turbinate) swab test. This is different from the nasopharyngeal swab test you might have heard about and  which most people find uncomfortable.  With a few tips from our on-site team, the test is easy to perform on oneself and is painless. Our staff will be wearing personal protective equipment but for your protection and ours, we will be observing distance guidelines.

The swab is soft-tipped and will be placed approximately one inch into the left nostril. Once in place, you will feel a tickling sensation and your eyes may water. Once there, the swab should be gently rotated for 15 seconds and then withdrawn. The process is repeated with the same swab in the right nostril. Once the swabbing is complete, the swab tip is placed into the accompanying tube of special liquid which inactivates the virus and preserves the virus nucleic acid.

How to do mid nasal swab at ResourcePath

This describes the proper procedure for self-administered, mid-nasal swab testing for Coronavirus

Questions about sample collection?

Please avoid using any nasal medication or sinonasal washing for 24 hours before the test as this may reduce sensitivity 

Don’t worry. Children and infants do very well with the mid-nasal swab procedure. Please email and let us know if you will need additional assistance from the Medical Director.   

Please email and let us known that you will need additional assistance.

Can I call to get more information?

To provide everyone with personal support, we ask that those seeking testing, review the information on our website, complete the appointment form, and follow the instructions. If questions persist, please call for (571)-375-0755 for assistance.

With the recent uptick in illness in our community, we are focusing efforts on testing and reporting. Please do not call to book appointments over the phone unless you do not have a computer or smart phone. Please use the “Book Now” button to book your appointment.

How long does it take to get my results?

For those testing for symptoms/known exposure, we do run these samples as priority when we receive them. Individuals who test positive are called as soon as possible after the test results are verified, typically within 24 hours.  However, results can take up to 48 hours in some cases. If you do not receive a call within 24 hours, you SHOULD NOT assume you are negative. You should quarantine and take precautions until you receive either a call or an email with your result. You will receive a formal report via email 48 hours after your appointment. 


Do I need a doctor's order?

If you would like to be tested but do not have a physician, or you do not meet illness requirements for your physician, the Commonwealth of Virginia allows patients to order their own laboratory tests for Coronavirus. We can also test individuals younger than 18 with parental permission.