New COVID testing requirements when traveling to or through the Netherlands

February 6, 2021

NOTE (02/13/2021 at 12:53 p.m.): KLM Airlines is not recognizing our rapid RT-PCR test as valid for part two of the requirements even though it is a rapid molecular NAAT test.  They are insisting they need PCR and a rapid antigen test. We are working with the airlines to try to resolve this issue.  In the meantime we are working quickly to validate a rapid antigen test so that you don’t encounter any challenges at the airport. 

Travelers from US to or through the Netherlands have new requirements for COVID testing. 

You need to have:

  • a recent negative PCR test result. This PCR test must be carried out no more than 72 hours before arrival. You can bring digital proof.*
  • a recent negative rapid test result of one of the following rapid tests: antigen test, RT-LAMP test, molecular test, NAAT test, TMA test, or ID NOW test. This test must be taken within 4 hours before boarding. You can bring digital proof.**
  • a signed and printed negative test declaration form. You have to show a paper copy before departure to the airline staff or to the Royal Military and Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee).

ResourcePath can satisfy all of these requirements in one stop*. We use a rapid RT-PCR molecular NAAT test. We are one mile from Dulles Airport.

  1. Book an appointment using our same day RT-PCR test service.
  2. Schedule your appointment within 4 hours of boarding your flight at IAD.
  3. Arrive at ResourcePath at the appointed time and perform the nasal swab sample.
  4. ResourcePath will perform the FDA approved molecular Accula RT-PCR test on your nasal swab sample and email you your results and supporting information for your Negative Test Declaration in about an hour.   

For more information about traveling to the Netherlands, check the Government website here.