ResourcePath is a clinical research and diagnostic company. Our primary mission is to develop products and services to improve the health of individuals with cancer through improved diagnostics and novel therapeutics.

We also provide pathology and genomic services on a contract basis to universities,
companies and government investigators.


Core Lab Technical Services

  • Slide staining and digital slide scanning
  • Pathology diagnostic interpretation for your models
  • RNA-seq gene expression and analysis

Clinical Services and Clinical Trial Support

  • Cancer mutation analysis using the Oncomine OCAv3 assay detecting mutations, gene amplifications and gene fusions in 161 cancer genes
  • DICER1 sequencing in support of the International PPB and Ovarian and Testicular Stromal Tumor Registries
  • Pathologist review and classification of disease pre- and post-treatment

Consulting Services

  • Experimental design consulting
  • Grant and manuscript support and content editing
  • Figure legend preparation
  • Converting research assays to CAP/CLIA testing environment
  • Consulting on medical device and new diagnostic assay development
  • Tumor model evaluation
  • FDA approval application support


We are your research support company.

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